TAMA EC 2011 Meeting Minutes
  • President Sunil Katepally proposed two candidates for the unfilled EC posts, Vinay Maddineni for Media Scretary and Bharghav B. for Education Secretary, which was approved by EC.
  • On Jan 16th Board and EC had a Brain Storming session on TAMA 30 years celebration to decide whether to have the celebrations for one day or multiple days, the budget and the fund raising. It was agreed to create an organising committee with various committees. There were initial sponsors for TAMA 30 who pledged $27,000 – Paramount software(10K), Teknosol, Inc./ITJobCafe, Inc./Prudential($5k each) and two Bronze sponsors($1k each). 
  • Cultural Secretary Sandhya suggested to put a “Theme” for this Sankranti, so that all the programs can be related to it, and a prize can be given to the best program. 
  • EC decided to charge a nominal FEE of $25 for 2 weeks and $50 for 5 weeks to any Non-Profit organizations and $50 for 2 weeks and $100 for 5 weeks to any Profitable organizations for TAMA News Letter
  • EC approved to charge a fee of $50 for Non Profit and Religious organizations and $100 for Profit organizations who would setup a stall other than food
  • After looking into multiple places by Events Secretary King Koduru, EC has decided to celebrate Sankranti Celebrations on Feb 5th at 4pm in Meadowcreek High School 4455 Steve Reynolds Boulevard  Norcross, GA 30093.
  • EC decided Teknosol as the title sponsor for Sankranti Sambaralu.
  • EC approved to Dr. Shyam Reddy as a Cheif guests other than the sponsors Pramod Sajjja (Paramount) and Srinivas Tatineni (Teknosol).
  • Bhargav Errangi and Jgathy Vempati will be the Emcee for Sankranti Sambaralu.
  • There will be a fancy dress competition on Sankranti Sambaralu.
  • A representative from EC will be visiting Archana (Accident case).
  • A donation box will be setup at the event for Archana and Arpana.
  • A bone marrow stall will be setup at the event. 
  • Mahesh and King will take care of Stalls at Sankranti Event
  • Madhu and Murty will take care of setting up TAMA Stall at Sankranthi Event.
  • Suresh, Venkat and Sita will be handling the Food stall at Sankranthi Event
  • Sandhya will prepare and print the program schedule
  • All the EC expressed that the Sankranti Sambaralu went good
  • Vinay to create a google account and upload all photos and video to website
  • Mahila Sadassu and Vantala Poti has been decided to do on March 12th at 2 to 5 in Sharon Springs Park, Sharon Road. Its decided to charge $25 for stalls and $500 for title sponsor and $150 for banner, on flyer and a stall for Mahila Sadassu event.
  • The following criteria has been used to honor a women on Mahila Sadassu
  • Must be Telugu
  • Must be a Life Member
  • Success in their Field (Any field)
  • Service to TAMA (Monetary, Volunteer)
  • Service to Community
  • Discussed to have the Ugadi event on April 16th in Milton Center, Apharetta with an alternate sound system.
  • Discussed to have Sahiti Sadassu on Feb 26th but due to time constraint it has been planned for May.
  • Discussed about Mana badi classes to start in March.
  • EC approved to send community news as a free of charge for TAMA members.
  • EC has decided to put a Caption contest for TAMA 30 celebrations and also as a Tag line for TAMA.
  • Sunil updated that Sridevi has been selected as Board Secretary due to Devanand resignation as board secretary.
  • Second committee meeting held on Feb 20th in Sai Murali restaurant, to finalize the committee members.
  • EC with an alternate sound system has approved Ugadi Utsavalu on April 9th from 4:00pm in Independence High School, Alpharetta GA.
  • Mana Badi classed will be held on March 13th from 2pm -4pm in Sharon Forks Library, Forsyth County, Public Library System, Cumming, GA. Other classes will be on March 16th, April 10th, April 17th, May 1st, May 15th.
  • A monetary prize of $100 is decided by EC for byline caption winner.
  • Discussed ticket prices for TAMA 30 event. 
  • Sunil suggested Avysol.com for developing a new website where it will be easy to upload the information. Surya, Vinay and Mahesh would work on this website update process.
  • Gopal Turaga, Abhishek Devulapally, Vaidehi Rallapalli were selected as emcees for Ugadi Uthsavalu.
  • There will be Panchaga Shravanam on Ugadi event by Mallikarjuna Sarma
  • Ram Durvasula will be the sound engineer, Kiran Nadella for photography, Sai Murali restaurant will be the food provider for the Ugadi Event
  • Gold sponsor IT Jobs Cafe is approved by EC as the event sponsor for Ugadi event.
  • Mahila Sadassu event went fine and the people who were honored this year are Smt Padma Duggirala, Smt Srivalli Kondur, Smt Madhuri Puranam, Smt Madhavi Korrapati, Smt Manjusha Mamidipaka, Smt Prasoona Vempaty.
  • Dr. Purandeswari Daggupati, Minister of State in Central Cabinet, has been invited to be a Chief Guest for the event.
  • A Central Organization Committee is formed to oversee all the other committees and to resolve any urgent decisions. This COC consists of 3 EC Members, 3 Board Members and 3 TAMA Life Members.
  • Surya will prepare an exclusive TAMA@30 page where TAMA 30 year celebration details will be updated regularly.
  • In the post Ugadi meeting EC said the review from others was a successful event, with many programs like  dances, songs and instrumentals featuring classical, folk songs, film songs and various stalls. 
  • Mahesh will create a online form for all the members to update their latest information.
  • Sunil suggested Vijay and EC to get the sponsors list, collect the logos and send to Vinay.
  • Sandhya will create a online form for the entry of programs for TAMA@30.
  • Mahesh and Vinay updated that they spoke to Avysol with some requirements so that they can create a template for new TAMA website.
  • Sports Secretary Varaprasad discussed about the sports calender for this year and mentioned to conduct sports like Volley Ball, Badminton, Tennis and Cricket.
  • Literary Secretary Murthy Rallapalli has discussed about conducting Sahiti Sadassu in May. 
  • It was decided not to have Sahiti Sadassu and Sports event at the same time and to have atleast a months gap in between. 
  • TAMA@30 meeting 
  • After looking multiple venues Georgia International Conference Center (GICC) in downtown has been finalized by EC, Board and TAMA 30 Committee chairs.
  • Mahesh creates an initial flyer to publish in the Khabar.
  • Venkat Meesala and team will cleanup the membership data by calling TAMA Members.
  • Discussed about the various options of calling Tollywood people
  • Discussed about the kitchen at GICC center.
  • Murthy has suggested to have  the Sahiti Sadassu on May 22nd at Wills Park and ‘Telugu Kathalu’ as the theme for TAMA Sahiti Sadassu, which was appreciated and approved by EC.
  • Its decided that the Volley ball tournament will be held on June 11th and 12th weekend 
  • Everybody who has been to Sahiti Sadassu appreciated the event went very well and all the ‘Telugu Kathalu’ were good.
  • TAMA@30 meetings 
  • Discussed to raise the funds by making more Donors and Patrons.




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