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TAMA 2018 Board and Executive Committee announces the below schedule for conducting elections to elect candidates for all TAMA positions as defined in the current TAMA constitution/by-laws, including the Executive Committee for 2019 and Board of Directors (2019-20 term).
2018 Dates
Oct 12, 2018
Start Date to file nominations for all TAMA positions*
Oct 20, 2018
End Date and time to file nominations for all TAMA positions*
Oct 21, 2018
Election Committee verifies and approves nominations
Oct 22, 2018
Election Committee approved nominees list posted on TAMA website
Oct 24, 2018
End Date and time to withdraw nominations for all TAMA positions*
Withdraw by Email
Oct 25, 2018
Final list of nominees, approved by Election Committee, posted on TAMA website
Nov 18, 2018
2 PM - 5 PM EST
Big Creek elementary School, Cumming
TAMA positions include 2019 Executive Committee and 2019-20 Board of Directors Positions for which elections may be held.
Positions for which elections may be held
Executive Committee
  • President-Elect
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Cultural Secretary
  • Education Secretary
  • Literary Secretary
  • Media Secretary
  • Technology Secretary
  • Event Secretary
  • Sports & Youth Secretary
  • Community Services Secretary
  • Women’s Services Secretary

Board of Directors
  • Five (5) Board of Directors with a term of two years

Election Committee

Board of Directors have appointed below Life Members as the Election Committee that shall oversee and conduct the elections.
  • Sri. Pabba Chittari
  • Sri. Rajesh Jampala
  • Sri. Vijay Kothapalli


TAMA 2019 General Secretary Election Results

Total Votes Polled
Invalid Votes
Inniah Yenumula
Rajesh Tadikamalla



2018 TAMA Election - Results



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