TAMA Table Tennis Tournament 2018 Sponsored by MYTAX FILER
          Number of categories participating
          Participant Name
          Entry fee per Category           $15.00
Tournament Rules
  1. Matches will be conducted according to the draws.
  2. Up to semifinals, each match will be 11 points match and all matches will be played as best of 3, except the final which will be a best of 5.
  3. First round will be round robin and then all other rounds are going to be knock out rounds.
  4. In case of round robin method,
    • If 2 players have the same number of wins and losses, the player who won the match, between the 2 players declared as a winner.
    • If 3 players are equal, only the results of the matches between those 3 are under consideration by looking at matches, games, and then points until they can be separated.
  5. Referee’s decision is the final decision for everyone. Neither players nor spectators are allowed to take any objection on referee’s decision.
  6. Each player is going to get 2 warnings for tossing the ball, open Palm, hand outside the table and above the table while serving. After 2 warnings, player is going to lose the point for the same mistake.
  7. Any number of net services are allowed.
  8. Body touch up to the waist, racket touch or touch of playing hand to the table is considered to be valid. But touch with non working hand to the table is invalid.
Have any questions please contact info@tama.org




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